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MyPhone A919 Duo Review: A Charming Android Phones for Gamers

My|Phone’s flagship phone, the A919 Duo is an amazing android phone with a large screen and the ability to play high definition 3D games. Jan 03, 2013

Powerpoint Backgrounds

Pink and Girly Powerpoint Background  1. Dec 31, 2012

How to Name Chemical Compounds

Naming chemical compounds is hard at first but you will eventually get the hang of it. Dec 31, 2012

How to Earn Extra Income: The best way to have passive income.

You have a job that’s paying you less than what you deserve. Dec 31, 2012

How to Earn More with Chitika by Modifying the Chitika Ad Code

Chitika is among the best alternatives to Google Adsense. Dec 31, 2012

Technology in Education

Integrating technology in your lesson can be a hard task. Dec 30, 2012

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes: Can You Beat it or Will You Fail?

 Can you do nothing for two minutes? Seriously. Dec 26, 2012

How to Make an Instagram Account

How can you sign up for Instagram? Instagram has been the most loved photo sharing app. Dec 26, 2012

Beware of Referral Task Scam!

My girlfriend and I were searching for ways to earn money online when she came across ReferralTask. Dec 24, 2012

Earn Money By Commenting, Posting Questions and Uploading Pictures

Comment on this article and I’ll pay you. Dec 23, 2012

Molarity is… ? With Practice Problems and Solutions

You probably know by now that molarity is the the ratio of the amount of the solute in moles to the volume of the solution. Dec 23, 2012

What is the Title of the New Year Song?

We all know that tune – that new year tune. Dec 23, 2012

How to Make a Bamboo Cannon or Lantaka

There are two types of lantaka that I know how to make, the kerosene or gaas lantaka and the kalburo lantaka. Dec 22, 2012

Can You Trust Lazada Philippines?

Whenever I open a website, a large banner of Lazada Philippines almost always comes up at the top of the webpage. Dec 22, 2012

Did Agapito Flores Invent the Fluorescent Lamp?

It’s a myth that was mistakenly presented as a fact in some Philippine school textbooks. Dec 22, 2012

Facebook Introduces Year In Review 2012

When I viewed my Facebook Timeline this evening, I wasn’t surprised at all. Dec 19, 2012

How to Increase Smartbro Internet Speed

So you wan’t a faster internet connection speed out of your smartbro stick? Well, same here. Dec 18, 2012

How to Put Nuffnang Ad inside Blog Posts

Like most of you, I also would like to earn more with my blog. Dec 18, 2012

Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion Powerpoint Presentation and Animation

I believe that Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion is an essential knowledge that students must understand. Dec 17, 2012

Why the Earth Will Not End on December 21, 2012 But Might Do So on April 13, 2036

Yes, the world will end – but not on Friday, December 21, 2012. Dec 17, 2012