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How to Check Balance in Smartbro

Check Smartbro Balance by Texting To check your Smartbro balance, open the smartbro software and navigate to Messages. Mar 01, 2013

Cherry Mobile Titan Specs, Price and User Review

A Cheap Alternative to Samsung Galaxy SIII? That might be a long shot but my initial look at Cherry Mobile Titan makes it a possible competitor to Galaxy SIII with the price advantage. Feb 25, 2013

MyPhone Pinoy Contents: Compressed for Easy Downloading and Setup

Pinoy Files Reduced to 700 MB from 1. Feb 24, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Price, Specs and Analysis

Samsung’s Shot at Dethroning Apple’s iPad Mini Samsung aims to get back it’s belt in the tablet arena with the announcement of the Galaxy Note 8. Feb 24, 2013

Cherry Mobile Quad Core Fusion Bolt Tablet Price, Specs and User Reviews

A cheap quad core tablet at ₱3,999. Feb 24, 2013

What is a PCOS Machine and How Does it Work?

PCOS is an Optical Scanner PCOS stands for Precinct Count Optical Scanner. Feb 13, 2013

Smartbro Promos: A Complete List of Smartbro Internet Subscription Options

After buying a smartbro broadband stick, the next agenda is to look for smartbro’s unlimited internet promos. Feb 10, 2013

K to 12 Curriculum Guides for All Subjects

Update: Here are the curriculum guides for TLE ready for download. Feb 09, 2013

Android Phones from MyPhone: Complete List with Specs and Pictures

MyPhone produced many outstanding if not the best cheap Android phones in the Philippines. Feb 08, 2013

MyPhone A888 Duo Specs and User Reviews

MyPhone A888 Duo is a Galaxy SIII look alike at a price of just ₱ 7,499. Feb 07, 2013

How to Turn Your Cherry Mobile Flare into a Wifi Hotspot

One of the reasons why I bought a Cherry Mobile Flare S100 is its ability to act as a Wifi hotspot. Jan 31, 2013

How to Show the Slideshow Only on Projector Screen (with Screenshots)

Jan 16, 2013

Curiosity’s First Drilling Site Looks Like a Riverbed

The Mars Science Laboratory, Curiosity will make its first drilling on the Martian soil within this month. Jan 16, 2013

Top 5 Google Softwares that Should be Installed on Your PC

Google has grown into the biggest internet giant that makes services and products for us. Jan 15, 2013

My Most Shared Content is A My|Phone Tutorial!

I checked my blog today and was happy to see that my tutorial about how to download and make the Pinoy Phone App working for my|phone is still the most popular article on Pinoy Techno Guide. Jan 14, 2013

Why New Bloggers Fail

I think I’m a failed blogger. Jan 13, 2013

Chasing Adsense

Adsense is undeniably the most coveted way of earning for bloggers. Jan 13, 2013

How to Create a Wallpaper for My|Phone B88 Duo

A Step by Step Guide in Creating a Wallpaper for Your My|Phone B88 Duo. Jan 13, 2013

Potential Energy Formula and Sample Problem

Potential energy is often wrongly defined as the energy at rest. Jan 13, 2013

MyPhone B88 Duo Specs, Reviews and Free Wallpapers!

MyPhone B88 Duo has been MyPhone’s Cellphone of the masses. Jan 07, 2013