Why choose Pinoy Techno Guide?

Three advantages in placing advertisements on PTG.


1. PTG is a top tech blog

PTG ranks second on SimilarWeb and fourth on Alexa country scores respectively. This is when different tech blogs in the Philippines are compared. Our strength is in providing timely technology news, smartphone specs sheets and updated pricelists.




2. High organic web traffic



PTG monthly pageviews.

PTG receives an increasing number of pageviews every month. More than 80% of this is organic traffic from Google and other search engines. Another 15% is from direct visitors – loyal readers of the blog.




3. Clean Website Layout



PTG desktop & mobile layout.

As the sole developer of Pinoy Techno Guide, I am proud of its clean layout. I’m not a fan of websites with lots of annoying ads so I try to keep PTG as clean as possible. This is also one of the reasons why this site loads faster than other tech blogs.




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