Top 10 Smartphones in the Philippines (Weekly Ranking)

This is a weekly ranking of the top 10 smartphones in the Philippines based on Pinoy Techno Guide pageviews as measured by Google Analytics. Smartphones are added to the database when it’s officially announced or a substantial leak becomes available.

Take note that this is purely based on the popularity of the smartphone’s specs page on PTG. It doesn’t reflect my reviews and opinions about these smartphones.

Top 10 Smartphones Week 6: September 8 – 14, 2019

1Samsung Galaxy A503,081
2OPPO A5s2,738
3OPPO A9 20202,004
4OPPO A5 20201,879
5Vivo S11,741
6OPPO A3s1,696
7Samsung Galaxy M301,582
8Samsung Galaxy A101,571
9Huawei Nova 5T1,486
10OPPO F91,468

Top 10 Smartphones Week 5: September 1-7, 2019

1Samsung Galaxy M302,811
2Vivo S12,377
3OPPO A5s2,295
4Samsung Galaxy A502,247
5Huawei Nova 5T2,194
6Samsung Galaxy A102,060
7OPPO A3s1,641
8Vivo Y91C1,390
9Huawei Y6 Pro 20191,333
10Realme 3 Pro1,176

Top 10 Smartphones Week 4: August 25 – 31, 2019

1Vivo S12,183
2OPPO A5s2,023
3Huawei Nova 5T1,740
4Samsung Galaxy A501,565
5OPPO A3s1,674
6Samsung Galaxy A101,450
7Huawei Y6 Pro 20191,383
8Realme 5 Pro1,180
9Vivo Y151,146
10Vivo Y91C1,113

Top 10 Smartphones Week 3: August 18 – 24, 2019

1Samsung Galaxy A502,032
2OPPO A5s1,755
3OPPO A3s1,602
4Huawei Y6 Pro 20191,503
5Samsung Galaxy A101,458
6OPPO F111,269
7Vivo Y171,099
8Samsung Galaxy A201,062
9Vivo Y91C1,059
10Vivo Y151,021

Top 10 Smartphones Week 2: August 11 – 17, 2019

1Samsung Galaxy A502,635
2OPPO A5s1,981
3OPPO A3s1,643
4Huawei Y6 Pro 20191,559
5Samsung Galaxy A101,281
6Vivo Y91C1,278
7Samsung Galaxy A201,265
8OPPO F111,049
9Samsung Galaxy A301,029
10Samsung Galaxy A701,026

Top 10 Smartphones Week 1: August 4-10, 2019

1Samsung Galaxy A502,684
2OPPO A3s1,954
3OPPO A5s1,913
4Huawei Y6 Pro 20191,726
5Cherry Mobile Flare Y7 Pro1,488
6Samsung Galaxy A101,464
7Samsung Galaxy A201,326
8Vivo Y91C1,326
9Samsung Galaxy A301,291
10Samsung Galaxy A701,225

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