Top 10 Smartphones in the Philippines (Weekly Ranking)

This is a weekly ranking of the top 10 smartphones in the Philippines based on Pinoy Techno Guide pageviews as measured by Google Analytics. Smartphones are added to the database when it’s officially announced or a substantial leak becomes available.

Take note that this is purely based on the popularity of the smartphone’s specs page on PTG. It doesn’t reflect my reviews and opinions about these smartphones.

Top 10 Smartphones on March 2021

1Xiaomi Redmi 9T40,675
2POCO X3 NFC30,183
3Samsung Galaxy A1221,538
4vivo Y3119,470
5OPPO A1218,062
6POCO M317,426
7POCO F316,083
8vivo Y20i15,808
9Xiaomi Redmi Note 1015,371
10vivo Y3014,006

Top 10 Smartphones on Feb. 2021

1Xiaomi Redmi 9T45,100
2vivo Y3133,794
3Samsung Galaxy A1227,403
4POCO X3 NFC25,793
5vivo Y20i18,199
6POCO M317,774
7OPPO A1215,016
8realme 614,088
9OPPO A5313,565
10realme C1513,239

Top 10 Smartphones on Top 10 Smartphones (Jan. 2021)

1POCO X3 NFC38,760
2vivo Y20i28,776
3POCO M327,091
4Cherry Mobile Aqua S926,649
5Xiaomi Redmi 9T22,718
6OPPO A1221,819
7OPPO A5320,762
8realme C1520,287
9Xiaomi Redmi Note 918,323
10Samsung Galaxy A1215,045

Top 10 Smartphones on Dec. 2020

1vivo Y20i41,141
2POCO X3 NFC40,267
3POCO M329,627
4OPPO A5328,496
5realme C1526,719
6Cherry Mobile Aqua S9 Max25,878
7OPPO A1224,441
8realme X50 Pro 5G20,416
9realme 7i19,962
10TECNO POVA18,529

Top 10 Smartphones on Nov. 2020

1vivo Y20i35,685
2POCO X3 NFC22,308
4realme C1524,873
5Huawei Y7a23,952
6OPPO A5322,468
7realme narzo 2022,308
8realme 7i20,293
9Xiaomi Redmi Note 919,293
10realme 6i17,424

Top 10 Smartphones on Oct. 2020

1vivo Y20i60,306
2realme C1538,910
3TECNO Pova37,927
4POCO X3 NFC32,991
5realme 6i27,873
6Xiaomi Redmi Note 927,624
7realme C1223,049
8realme 5i21,613
9vivo V20 Pro20,918
10realme C1120,627

Top 10 Smartphones on Sept. 2020

1realme C1548,152
2POCO X3 NFC43,213
3realme C1235,501
4realme 6i30,208
5vivo Y3028,709
6realme C1128,054
7Xiaomi Redmi Note 926,117
8OPPO A1222,235
9realme 5i20,356
10realme 620,046

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