Top 10 Smartphones in the Philippines (Weekly Ranking)

This is a weekly ranking of the top 10 smartphones in the Philippines based on Pinoy Techno Guide pageviews as measured by Google Analytics. Smartphones are added to the database when it’s officially announced or a substantial leak becomes available.

Take note that this is purely based on the popularity of the smartphone’s specs page on PTG. It doesn’t reflect my reviews and opinions about these smartphones.

Top 10 Smartphones on August 2020

1realme C1135,364
2realme 6i33,093
3realme C1529,556
4realme C328,150
5realme 5i26,327
6realme 624,079
7Xiaomi Redmi Note 923,698
8OPPO A1220,990
9Huawei Y6p17,618
10vivo Y1116,342

Top 10 Smartphones on July 2020

1realme 6i36,798
2realme 5i36,687
3realme C334,863
4realme 630,523
5OPPO A1229,897
6realme 6 Pro27,533
7Huawei Y6p27,198
8Xiaomi Redmi Note 924,922
9Huawei nova 7i21,987
10OPPO A12e20,149

Top 10 Smartphones on June 2020

1realme 6 Pro46,583
2realme 645,361
3realme 6i42,277
4realme 5i40,093
5Huawei Y6p38,052
6Xiaomi Redmi Note 936,613
7realme C335,995
8Huawei nova 7i30,074
9vivo Y1127,714
10OPPO A5s24,879

Top 10 Smartphones on May 2020

1realme 5i57,204
2realme 6i52,920
3Huawei nova 7i41,994
4realme C333,890
5realme 5 Pro30,016
6vivo Y1128,365
7OPPO A5s24,855
8Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s21,331
9vivo Y1521,198
10Redmi Note 820,348

Top 10 Smartphones on April 2020

1Huawei nova 7i35,466
2Realme 5i24,532
3Realme 5 Pro19,795
4Realme C317,163
5Vivo Y1114,971
6Samsung Galaxy A5112,073
7OPPO A5s11,693
8OPPO A5 202011,382
9OPPO A3110,418
10Realme 510,131

Top 10 Smartphones on Top 10 Smartphones in the Philippines (March 2020)

1Huawei Nova 7i67,955
2Realme 5 Pro21,680
3Realme 5i16,524
4Vivo Y1115,158
5Samsung Galaxy A7115,043
6Samsung Galaxy A5114,645
7Realme C311,812
8Huawei Y7p10,436
9OPPO A5s10,099
10Huawei Y79,840

Top 10 Smartphones on February 2020

1Samsung Galaxy A7122,730
2Realme 5i21,451
3Realme 5 Pro16,952
4Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro13,176
5Redmi Note 812,191
6Vivo Y1111,071
7Huawei Y7p10,865
8OPPO A5s10,861
9Huawei Y6s10,359
10OPPO A5 20209,210

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