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‘Keyword Snooze’ Removes Spoilers in Facebook Newsfeed for 30 Days

It’s still being tested thoroughly. Jun 27, 2018


Facebook Changes News Feed to Show More Posts from Friends and Family

Jan 12, 2018

One of the Facebook Spaces demonstration.

Facebook Spaces Allows Friends to Hang-out in Virtual Reality

Apr 19, 2017

Facebook Live on a macbook.

Facebook Now Supports Livestreaming from Laptops and Desktop Computers

Mar 23, 2017


Facebook Adds Emotional ‘Reactions’ to the Like Button

Oct 08, 2015


Facebook Introduces Safety Check for Natural Disasters

Oct 16, 2014


Redesigned Facebook Like and Share Buttons Bluer with Darker Thumbs Up

Nov 07, 2013


Instagram to Introduce Advertisements in the Form of Photos and Videos

Oct 04, 2013


How to Prevent Facebook Friends from Seeing Your Posts

Jul 09, 2013