Mark Zuckerberg announced new changes to the Facebook News Feed to combat the issues of fake news and wasted time on the social media platform.

In the coming months, posts that promote ‘meaningful social interactions’ will show more in the news feed. Posts shared by family and friends will be preferred instead of ‘passive’ updates from pages.


Page Updates

Posts from Facebook Pages will still appear on the news feed but in limited quantity. If you want to ensure you get the latest updates from a Page, make sure to enable the See First option.

Nevertheless, page contents that promote social interactions between friends will still be prevalent. Examples of these are live videos, events by local businesses and posts from celebrities.

The news has discouraged some of Facebook’s advertisers but they should be able to adapt soon.


Personal Connections

“By focusing on bringing people closer together — whether it’s with family and friends, or around important moments in the world — we can help make sure that Facebook is time well spent,” Zuckerberg said.

He cited studies that shows using social media to connect with people we care about can be good for our well-being.
Source: Facebook Newsroom