Facebook formally announced today that it will roll out a redesigned Like and Share buttons. These buttons, viewed over 22 billion times daily across more than 7.5 million websites are important drivers of Facebook referral traffic according to Ray He of Facebook.

The new buttons are bluer than what we used to see and without the thumbs up icon. Instead, the thumbs up icon is placed in beside the count in the box above the buttons. The icon is also in a dark gray monotone color instead of blue and white.

Redesigned Facebook Like and Share Buttons Bluer with Darker Thumbs Up
The new Facebook Like and Share buttons in different formats. Screenshot by Daniel Gubalane.

The move aims to optimize the buttons for high resolution display according to Peter Yang.

However, I noticed that the new Like and Share buttons pop out more in websites. Someone reading an article here might be more attracted to click the buttons as a result of its bluer hue.

The Share button is also new. It replaces the Send button because it is confusing for many readers.

The new design of the two buttons will roll out by user in the coming days.