Facebook is testing a new feature called ‘Keyword Snooze’ that hides posts containing an exact word or phrase from the newsfeed for 30 days.

This means fewer spoilers for new movies you haven’t watched yet but also opens up possibilities of preventing toxic topics such as an annoying trend or political issues.


How to Turn on Keyword Snooze

To turn Keyword Snooze on, you first need to find a post containing the word or phrase in your newsfeed. Tap on the (…) symbol on the post’s upper right corner to find the feature.

The keyword or phrase is pulled directly from the text in the Facebook post. Hence, there are limits to the feature. I suppose you can post the keyword first just to snooze it thereafter.


More Facebook Features

Facebook already has a Snooze function that works for people, pages and groups. It prevents posts from these accounts to appear on the newsfeed for the same period – 30 days.

Other features to tweak what appears in your newsfeed are See First, Hide and Unfollow.

Source: Facebook Newsroom