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O+ Ultra with 4000mAh Battery Full Specs, Price and Features

After introducing phones with touch sensors at the back, O+ USA tackles one of the biggest issues of today’s smartphones, the battery. Jun 13, 2015


O+ 360 HD Now Official – Full Specs, Official Price and Unique Features

May 02, 2015


O+ Convertible 2-in-2 Windows Laptop/Tablet Launched with Quad Core Intel Atom Processor, 2GB RAM and 11.6-Inch Display for ₱15,995

Apr 22, 2015


[UPDATED] O+ USA Smartphones Pricelist 2016 with Specs and Pictures

Feb 19, 2015


O+ USA Launches Wearable Devices: O+ Tag and O+ Time

Dec 06, 2014


O+ Fab Elite 2.0 with 6.5-Inch Display and Octa Core Processor Shows Up – Specs, Price and Features

Nov 26, 2014


O+ 360 Extreme Now Official – 5.5-Inch Octa Core Smartphone with Rear Touch Technology

Nov 22, 2014


O+ Grande with 6-Inch HD Display for ₱5,995 Specs and Features

Nov 19, 2014

O+ 360 Alpha Complete Specs, Price and Features – Rear Touch Panel on a 4.5-Inch Smartphone

Nov 12, 2014


O+ 360 Full Specs, Price and Features – 5-Inch Quad Core Smartphone with Rear Touch Panel

Nov 11, 2014


O+ USA Introduces 360 Series Smartphones with Touch Panel at the Back

Nov 08, 2014


O+ Air Octa Core Android 4.4 Kitkat Smartphone with LUMI Display and O+ Innovations

May 27, 2014


O+ Imagine: Sleek 5 Inch Quad Core Android Phone with 2GB of RAM Specs, Price and Features

Dec 15, 2013


O+ 8.16 Specs, Price and Features: 5.7 Inch Quad Core Phablet

Nov 01, 2013


O+ Fab Nova 3G Personal Review with Specs, Price and Features

Oct 14, 2013


O+ Fab 3G: 7-Inch Android Tablet for ₱7,995 – Designed in the USA!

Sep 21, 2013