‘Another innovation?’

It’s been a while since O+ USA released a new smartphone and now they are launching a new lineup called the 360 Series with touch panels at the back!

This means you can use your smartphone with one hand by swiping and tapping at the back. The Oppo N1 also has this feature while LG has utilized the back of its smartphones by placing the power and volume buttons there.

O+ USA 360 Series Smartphones with Touch Panel at the Back
Touch panel at the back – fancy huh?

O+ USA referred to this feature as ‘360 touch technology’ and uses it to attract the attention of the consumers. Many users of the Oppo N1 aren’t really using the back touch panel so O+ USA should present more reasons for this feature to become a selling point.

Hence, I wouldn’t call the feature as innovative. You may also watch this short demo of this feature:

There are two smartphones under the 360 Series – the O+ USA 360 and O+ USA 360 Alpha. The first one costs ₱6,395 while the latter is cheaper at ₱4,995.

Both smartphones run on Android 4.4 Kitkat and offers enhancements in the camera such as holding up a peace sign to trigger a selfie shot and ‘selfie fix’.

The company hasn’t released the complete specs of the new smartphones yet. We’ll post it later.