vivo Smartphones Price List in the Philippines 2023

by Daniel Gubalane

vivo is one of the top smartphone brands in the Philippines. They are known for smartphones with a focus on photography and style. Recently, the company has also launched smartphones designed for gaming.

Here's a list of the latest vivo smartphones in the Philippines with official prices! Each item links to the smartphone's specs sheet.

New smartphones will be added automatically.

vivo Price List Philippines 2023

vivo SmartphonesPrice
vivo V27 5G ₱24,999.00
vivo V27e ₱16,999.00
vivo Y02 ₱4,999.00
*with price drop
vivo Y22s ₱9,999.00 - ₱11,999.00
*with price drop
vivo V25 Pro ₱29,999.00
vivo V25 5G ₱19,999.00
*with price drop
vivo V25e ₱16,999.00
*with price drop
vivo Y16 ₱7,999.00 - ₱8,499.00
vivo Y35 ₱11,999.00
*with price drop
vivo Y02s ₱5,999.00
*with price drop
vivo X80 Pro ₱59,999.00
vivo X80 ₱45,999.00
vivo T1x ₱8,897.00
*with price drop
vivo T1 5G ₱16,999.00
vivo Y01 ₱5,299.00
vivo Y73 ₱14,999.00
vivo Y21T ₱10,999.00
vivo V23 5G ₱27,999.00
vivo V23e 5G ₱17,999.00
*with price drop
vivo Y76 5G ₱14,999.00
*with price drop
vivo Y15A ₱7,999.00
vivo Y15s ₱6,999.00
vivo X70 ₱34,999.00
vivo Y33s ₱12,999.00
vivo Y12A ₱6,499.00
vivo v21 5G ₱23,999.00
vivo V21e ₱17,999.00
vivo X60 ₱34,999.00
vivo Y12s ₱6,499.00
vivo Y20s [G] ₱8,999.00 - ₱9,999.00
vivo Y1s ₱5,499.00
vivo Y31 ₱12,999.00
vivo Y20i 2021 ₱7,499.00
vivo V20 Pro ₱24,999.00
vivo V20 ₱19,999.00
vivo V20 SE ₱13,999.00
*with price drop
vivo Y20i ₱7,499.00
vivo Y30 ₱8,999.00
*with price drop
Vivo X50 ₱25,999.00
Vivo X50 Pro ₱39,999.00
Vivo Y11 ₱5,499.00 - ₱6,239.00
*with price drop
vivo V19 Neo ₱13,999.00
*with price drop
Vivo S1 Pro ₱10,999.00
*with price drop
Vivo Y19 ₱9,999.00
*with price drop
Vivo NEX 3 ₱39,999.00
Vivo V17 Pro ₱21,999.00
Vivo Y12 ₱6,999.00
*with price drop
Vivo S1 ₱12,999.00
*with price drop
Vivo Y15 ₱7,999.00
*with price drop
Vivo Y17 ₱9,999.00
*with price drop

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