Cloudfone Smartphones Pricelist with Specs & Pictures 2023

by Daniel Gubalane

Cloudfone (not Cloud Fone) is a Filipino smartphone brand distributed by Cellprime Distribution Corp.. Cloudfone envisions itself as the brand that enables Filipinos to connect to the internet.

It has a partnership with Globe Telecom to offer Cloudfone smartphones in the telco's post paid plans. It has also struck a prtnership with Spotify, NBA, Disney and Microsoft in providing smartphones and tablets with themes and freebies.


Here's a list of the latest Cloudfone smartphones in the Philippines with official prices! Each item links to the smartphone's specs sheet.

New smartphones will be added automatically.

Cloudfone Price List Philippines 2023

Cloudfone SmartphonesPrice
Cloudfone Thrill Boost 2 Plus ₱2,999.00
Cloudfone GO SP 2 ₱2,199.00
Cloudfone GO Connect Lite 2 ₱1,699.00
Cloudfone Next Infinity Pro ₱9,999.00
Cloudfone Thrill View ₱3,599.00
Cloudfone Thrill Boost 3 ₱2,999.00
Cloudfone Next Infinity ₱6,999.00
Cloudfone Thrill Plus 2 ₱4,599.00
Cloudfone Next Infinity Plus ₱8,999.00
Cloudfone Thrill Snap ₱3,999.00
Cloudfone Next Infinity Quattro ₱12,999.00
Cloudfone Excite Prime 2 Pro ₱9,999.00
Cloudfone Thrill Power N ₱3,499.00
Cloudfone Excite Prime 2 ₱5,999.00
Cloudfone Thrill Boost 2 ₱2,699.00
Cloudfone Go Connect Lite ₱1,799.00
Cloudfone Go Connect ₱2,199.00
Cloudfone NBA Edition ₱8,999.00
Cloudfone Thrill Power ₱3,499.00
Cloudfone Next Lite ₱7,999.00
Cloudfone Next ₱9,999.00
Cloudfone Excite Prime ₱3,999.00

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