Cellphone Earphones vs Computer EarphonesMy girlfriend recently gave me the earphones of her cellphone and it made me very happy. I plugged it in my phone and listen to my favorite tracks going home.

However, it sounded like a cave when I tried to use it in my laptop. There is sound but I can’t hear the conversations of the people in the movie.

I tried to move it in and out and I observed that at some point, the sound came out clearly. I looked at the jack and  observed that it has a different form than the usual headset for my laptop. That headset is way too bulky that’s why I like to use the one that my girlfriend gave me.

I planned to wrap the jack of the earphones with masking tape but tried to insert it again one last time. I then noticed the button that ends the call when I use the earphones with my phone and pressed it. Surprise! The sound came out correctly!

So there, that’s my little discovery. You can use your cellphone earphones in your laptop by pressing the end call button. I used a clip to keep pressing it while I enjoy watching a movie on my laptop.

Making a Cellphone Headset Compatible with Your Computer

However, the microphone of the earphones don’t work with this setup. You can still make video calls since your laptop comes with its own microphone.