Sample Pictures on Pinoy Techno Guide

vivo X80 Pro Sample Pictures and Videos: Exploring ZEISS-Powered Professional Imaging

Browse several sample pictures taken by the vivo X80 Pro in different scenarios. Jul 21, 2022

Huawei nova 8 Sample Pictures and Video

Here are several sample pictures and a sample video taken using the Huawei nova 8. Dec 06, 2021

Realme 5i Sample Pictures with Ultrawide, Night Mode and Chroma Boost

Does the Realme 5i have capable cameras? Feb 18, 2020

Huawei Nova 5T Sample Pictures: Quad Camera in Action!

Here are several sample pictures shot with the Huawei Nova 5T smartphone including ultra-wide, night mode, and macro shots. Oct 07, 2019

Samsung Galaxy A20 Sample Pictures

Here are 8 sample pictures I took using the phone’s cameras in different situations and lighting conditions. Jun 19, 2019