Torque Price List 2024

by Daniel Gubalane

Torque is a Filipino mobile devices brand specializing in affordable smartphones with good features. 

Here's a list of the latest Torque smartphones in the Philippines with official prices! Each item links to the smartphone's specs sheet.

New smartphones will be added automatically.

Torque Price List Philippines 2024

Torque Smartphones Price
smartphone image Torque Ego Zoom Lite ₱3,999.00
smartphone image Torque Ego Note 3G ₱3,799.00
smartphone image Torque Ego Note 4G ₱4,599.00

As much as possible, I try to keep this Torque Smartphones Pricelist up to date. However, there's just so much a single person can do. If you notice a change in price of these smartphones, contact me via email at

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