OPPO already has a 5G smartphone – the OPPO Reno 5G. However, the company isn’t stopping there and already envisions the 6G networks of the future.

During the 53rd IEEE International Conference on Communications in Shanghai, OPPO’s Chief 5G Scientist Henry Tang said, “after the launch of 5G,… they will enable true interconnectivity between humans, things and intelligence.”


OPPO Reno 5G smartphone.

OPPO Reno 5G smartphone.


In essence, 5G will enable and greatly improve AI applications including autonomous driving, machine learning and Augmented Reality.

Tang also looked further into a world beyond 5G and with the introduction of 6G networks. He envisions the use of AI to address the imperfections of 5G networks and later, businesses might eventually be run entirely by AI without human intervention.

Of course, these are still speculations on what future networks will look like. Still, OPPO is poised to remain as one of the pioneers in 5G technology with its dedicated 5G team and heavy investments in standardization and R&D.

On the consumer side of things, OPPO promised to bring the OPPO Reno series of smartphones in the Philippines.