Over 30 chains of retailers throughout the Philippines are offering 100% money back guarantee for Huawei smartphones and tablets if Google and Facebook apps are not working.

This is to reassure the consumers that current devices from Huawei have no problem running apps from Google such as Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, and Maps. It also includes apps owned by Facebook like Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook itself.

Social media posts of Huawei retailers about the 100% money back guarantee.

Some of the retailers that offer this special warranty are FONERange, Rulls, MemoXpress, Intogadgets, TechnoMobile, PresNet, TekPone and Guanzon.

This comes after the ban imposed by the US Government that prevents Huawei to conduct business with American tech companies. Current models are not affected by the issue and will continue to work as usual.

More retailers offer 100% money back guarantee for Huawei smartphones and tablets.

Huawei already received a 3-month temporary license to continue using Android and issue software updates.

Huawei is also reportedly working on an alternative operating system that it can use instead of Android for its future smartphones. With the company’s resources, this might end up breaking the current duopoly of Android and iOS although the software’s performance remains to be seen.