Finally, Globe Telecom Inc. and PLDT Inc. signed a Memorandum of Agreement for a local IP Peering in the country. This is said to result in ‘10 times’ faster internet speed.

This IP Peering agreement means that there is now a direct connection between PLDT’s Philippine Internet Exchange (PhIX) and Globe’s Globe Internet Exchange (GIX). These are the networks for the two telco’s broadband and mobile subscribers.

Globe and PLDT/Smart IP Peering Agreement

Instead of data moving from users to Internet Exchange centers outside the country then back to the Philippines, it will now take a shorter route.

Gamers will be the first ones who will feel the benefits of this agreement. The latency or the time it takes data to travel will be lower. Thus, their moves will be registered faster when playing on a server within the country.

Websites that are hosted under the two ISPs will also experience a speed boost. Philippine government websites have previously experience this speed boost when the Philippine Open Internet Exchange (PHOpenIX) peered with PLDT’s PhIX.