I’m sure you’ve already seen a lot of posts on Facebook which seem like a real news items but turned out to be just a hoax. You now have the option to flag these posts as such.

Facebook posts that have been flagged by a number of people as hoax will appear with a note on top of it. This will then discourage others from clicking or perpetuating the hoax.

To report a post as hoax or false news, you just have to click on the downward arrow on its upper right corner and select Report Post. You’ll then have to select I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook. Lastly, select It’s a false news story.

Erich Owens and Udi Weinsber assured Facebook Page owners about satirical news that they won’t be affected by this update. However, those pages that share a lot of hoax articles will observe a downward trend once people start reporting their posts.

Facebook won’t validate these reports though. They won’t ban these pages too, at least for now.