Globe’s ‘Fair’ Usage Policy

In a daring move, Globe Telecom announced that it will start to implement its Fair Usage Policy strictly.

The announcement followed several angry posts on Facebook and Twitter by Globe and TM subscribers being warned that they’ve reached the 1GB daily limit despite being enrolled in an unlimited data promo.

Globe Telecom Logo
Globe Telecom Logo

Globe Explains

Globe’s answer was an infrographic explaining the FUP on Twitter. It says that you are limited to 1GB per day or 3GB per month on internet usage. When you hit these limits, your internet speed will be reduced to 2G instead of 3G or 4G LTE.

The infrographic further explained that only 3% of Globe subscribers actually exceed these limits, 3GB of data is equivalent to 50 hours of watching YouTube videos and that you can still post status on facebook or send an email with 2G speed.

What it means for Globe

However, it suggests that Globe is willing to let go 3% of its subscribers who are heavy data users. These include those who constantly download movies and other large files, vloggers who constantly upload YouTube videos, webmasters who upload files to create websites and others who make the most of their unlimited internet connection.

It also means that Globe’s infrastructure is way below those of Smart that isn’t implementing its FUP strictly. It’s like Globe is saying, “Go away data suckers!”

The Alternative

This is exactly the reason why I chose Smart over Globe. As a blogger, I’m a heavy data user and Globe’s 800MB daily limit before was clearly isn’t enough.

Globe might mean good for the majority of its subscribers who just use Facebook, Twitter and occasional Google search but it must not put a limit on an unlimited internet promo.