Cheap smartwatch alternative

Are you worried that a thief will snatch your shiny smartphone while you make a call in a crowded place? Then use Cherry Mobile P1 as a smartphone ‘remote controller’.

Just pair the two gadgets via bluetooth and you can then access your smartphone’s phonebook, inbox, and music playlist with this pocket friendly gadget! It’s a cheap alternative to a smartwatch at Php799 only.

Cherry Mobile P1 Mini Smartphone Dialer protects your phone from snatchers
Cherry Mobile P1 Mini Smartphone Dialer works with Cherry Mobile Omega HD.

Cherry Mobile P1 Features

Actually, Cherry Mobile P1 is already a basic phone by itself with a single SIM and a slot for a 32GB micro SD memory card. It even has a VGA camera for very basic picture taking.

When paired with a smartphone, you can use it to send an SMS on your smartphone, place calls and play music. That way, you can protect your expensive smartphone from being snatched.

Don’t worry about the battery life of the two gadgets. The always on bluetooth of your smartphone will be compensated with less screen time since it will just be in your pocket with its screen turned off.

Cherry Mobile P1 and iPhones

The idea of a smartphone dialer like Cherry Mobile P1 seems to be very attractive that even iPhone users want to have one. However, iPhones doesn’t allow file sharing via bluetooth and therefore, they won’t be able to use Cherry Mobile P1 with their units.

Cherry Mobile P1 will work with most Android phone that has bluetooth.