Which one is better?

Globe Telecom and Smart Communications, Inc. recently launched their own promos with unlimited calls and text plus free chat using several messaging apps or mobile internet surfing.

Let’s compare the two promos and see which one is better and offers more features to us, their subscribers.

Globe GoUnli30

Viber chat is free with Smart Unli30 and Globe GoUnli30.
Photo from Flickr user Javier Domínguez Ferreiro.

Globe was first to launch its GoUnli30 promo with the following features:

  • Unlimited texts to all networks
  • Unlimited Calls to Globe and TM
  • Unlimited chat using Viber, Facebook Messenger, KakaoTalk, GMessage, LINE and WeChat
The promo is hailed by international tech sites as being the first in the world! It lasts up to a day, costs Php30 and open only to Globe Prepaid subscribers.
You can register by texting GOUNLI30 to 8888.

Smart Unli30

This promo seemed to be a response to Globe’s GoUnli30. However, Smart opted for a promo with the following features:
  • Unlimited texts to Smart, Sun and TNT
  • Unlimited calls to Smart and TNT
  • 50 Texts to all networks
  • 15MB of internet data
Using the 15MB of internet data, you can chat using any messaging app that you like, even those that are not in Globe’s list. You can also surf the internet using your phone’s browser.
To register, you have to send UNLI30 to 6406 and will cost you Php30.

What are your needs?

We can only determine which one is better between these two promos by considering your needs. If you just use Facebook Messenger or other chat app, Globe GoUnli30 is the better choice.
On the other hand, Smart Unli30 is better for those who would like to use other apps to access the internet. An example is when you always check your email.
Of course, you can only use the promo of the network where you are subscribed.