After releasing MyPhone Iceberg, MyPhone silently made a redesign of its website. Along with the redesign is the new classification of its products using Spanish terms for the four elements – agua for water, fuego for fire, viento for air and tierra for earth.

MyPhone Tierra
MyPhone’s tablet lineup is named Tierra.

MyPhone’s New Naming Scheme is Cool

One thing that I don’t like with phones from MyPhone is the naming scheme that uses a three or four character combination of letters and numbers like MyPhone B88, MyPhone A818 and MyPhone A919.

Using a classification scheme for their phones is a good move by MyPhone. This means customers can better understand their product lineup.

The Agua lineup includes smartphones like MyPhone A818, A919 and the recently launched MyPhone Iceberg.

Fuego means the features phones like the famous among the normal Pinoy folks MyPhone B88 with its counterfeit money detector and TV (that’s actually the B88 TV).

Viento refers to WiFi phones. Interestingly, there’s only one phone under this category – the MyPhone TW30 TV.

Lastly, Tierra includes the tablet lineup of MyPhone that faces a problem with its laggy MyPad 1 and 2. MyPhone should definitely update their tablet lineup if they want to compete with Cherry Mobile’s Fusions and Starmobile’s Engages.