Cherry Mobile posted an image on their Facebook page of their quad core gadgets. There’s the Fusion Bolt, Flame 2.0 and Fusion Fire.

But there is a fourth device with a secret identity with the caption “FLYING ONCE AGAIN. SOON.” A closer inspection a the blurred name will reveal “SKY FIRE 2.0”

This makes sense because Cherry Mobile is known for releasing a second version of their gadgets. For example, Cherry Mobile Flame has Flame 2.0, Cherry Mobile Titan has Titan TV and Cherry Mobile Omega has Omega HD.

Cherry Mobile Sky Fire 2.0 Specs

Cherry Mobile Sky Fire 2.0
Cherry Mobile Sky Fire 2.0
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For now, the only confirmed feature of the Cherry Mobile Sky Fire 2.0 is its quad core processor. However, we expect that it will have much more up its sleeves if it is aimed to compete with the newly released MyPhone A919i HD Duo.

Some essential specs that Sky Fire 2.0 must have are 1 GB of RAM, High Definition screen with scratch resistance and/or multitouch support, 8 MP camera or higher with Autofocus or BSI technology, Android Jelly Bean OS and USB OTG.

Of course, Cherry Mobile always wins with the price. Sky Fire 2.0 will have a lower price than the MyPhone A919i HD Duo.

However, Cherry Mobile must fit a battery with a higher milliamphours(mAh) rating to the Sky Fire 2.0. Battery capacity has been the downside for most Cherry Mobile gadgets lately.

Is Cherry Mobile Sky Fire 2.0 Worth the Wait?

Let’s say you want to buy a new smartphone right now. Should you wait for the release of the Cherry Mobile Sky Fire 2.0?

If you’re very eager to buy a new phone, then by all means, go buy a MyPhone A919i HD Duo. But if you can wait a little longer, you should definitely wait for the Sky Fire 2.0.

Cherry Mobile has the reputation of surprising us with their gadgets and they won’t let MyPhone take the lead in the local smartphone market again.