If you’re so sure that Samsung is the best mobile phone brand, then it’s more fun in the Philippines because we’re different! The Top Tens crowned My|Phone as the best mobile phone in the Philippines. Surprise, huh?

Not really. My|Phone has been offering affordable phones to Filipinos with comparable specs to Samsung’s Galaxy SIII or Apple’s iPhone 5.

The People Have Spoken, My|Phone it Is

On a list created by a user on The Top Tens, visitors voted more on My|Phone than any other brand of mobile phones in the Philippines.

Forty five percent (45%) of the voters chose My|Phone while an almost close second placer, Cherry Mobile got 38%. This is not surprising at all since these two companies have been on a cold war in becoming the best mobile phone company in the Philippines.

The list is followed by a struggling third Starmobile with only 4% of the votes. Samsung follows in fourth place with 3% of the votes.

Apple’s iPhone and Nokia tied with 2% of the votes. The list closes with Sony, Alcatel, LG and Huawei which got 1% of the votes each.

Filipinos are Looking for ‘Sulit’ Phones

Filipinos want more with what they have. If you can give that to them, they’ll like you. My|phone has offered Filipinos with phones that are rich in features and Pinoy contents at a very affordable price.

Without My|Phone, Pinoys might never be interested in the booming smartphone trend. They simply cannot afford it. Some might but that would be a minority.

Don’t Agree with This?

You might say that this is not really true and you like another mobile phone brand in the Philippines. Well don’t worry, you can cast your vote for the brand that’s in your heart.