Get the most out of BB Z10!

Blackberry rolled out a great smartphone – Blackberry Z10 LTE. However, Blackberry Z10’s new features won’t be appreciated without a fast internet connection. Thankfully, Globe Telecom is now Exclusively offering Blackberry Z10 with 4G LTE capability for ₱ 1,799.00 per month for 30 months.

The exclusive 4G LTE capability that Globe offers adds a power punch feature for Blackberry Z10 users. With Globe’s LTE, you can experience download speeds of up to 299 Mbps and upload speeds of 75 Mbps. That’s faster than a speeding bullet!

What’s with Globe Unli Surf Plan 1799?

Blackberry Z10 Globe LTE
Blackberry Z10 credit: Globe

Globe Unli Surf Plan 1799 offers worry free unlimited mobile internet connection (don’t forget that’s 4G LTE) and monthly consumable ₱ 800.00 of  free call and texts to Globe/TM subscribers, free call and texts to other networks and free international call and texts.

If you think 30 months is too long, you can also opt for the 24 month lock-in period for ₱ 1,999.00 per month.

Requirements for Globe Unli Surf Plan 1799 with Blackberry Z10

To avail of this postpaid plan, you need to have the following:

A. Any of the following identification cards

  • Company ID
  • Major Credit Card even without Picture
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport with Signature
  • SSS ID 
  • TIN
  • PRC or IBP ID

B. Any of the following proof of billing (Must be latest)

  • Credit Card Statement
  • Public Utility Bills (Electric, Water, Cable)
  • Bank Statement
  • Notarized Contract Of Lease
  • Airway Bill

C. Any of the following Proof of Financial Capacity

  • Latest Two (2) Months Credit Card Statement (With At Least Php 20,000 Credit Limit)
  • Latest Itr With Bir Or Bank-Received Stamp (Form 1700)
  • Latest W-2 (Form 2316)
  • Latest Certificate Of Employment And Compensation
  • Latest Computerized Payslip (1 Month)
  • Latest Two (2) Months Bank Statement Of Account Or Passbook
  • Latest Three (3) Months Certificate Of Allotment Plus Employment Contract (For Overseas Workers)

When and where to avail Globe’s Blackberry Z10 Plan?

According to Globe, Blackberry Z10 units will be available in all Globe stores nationwide on Tuesday, March 19, 2013.

If you are planning to buy avail of the plan, you may pre-order using this form.