When the school where I teach required me to make a syllabus and course outline for the subjects that I am teaching, my reaction was, “Why?”

There is already a table of contents in the textbook, teaching guide and curriculum guide from the Bureau of Secondary Education and a modular teaching manual from the publisher of the textbook. Why, then, do we have to make a syllabus for each subject?

The answer to my question will come later because we still have to make the course outlines and syllabuses or syllabi. Whatever you prefer to call the plural form of syllabus.

First, let’s have first the Chemistry Course Outline.

Of course you can download that document.This document is in Google Docs. View this document in Google Docs and Click on Downward facing arrow below the File menu.

And here is the Chemistry Syllabus:

Download this Chemistry Syllabus.

Now back to the question of necessity for the Chemistry Syllabus. Why is it needed?

I have to ask you that and you have to answer too! Share your thoughts in the comments.