Can you do nothing for two minutes? Seriously.

This is the challenge of a website founded by Alew Tew, CEO of PopJam (and a very rich person). Tew reasoned out that we spend everyday checking our Facebook, Twitter or Email Account for an new update.
Research shows that this new habit makes our brain less productive due to the release of the hormone dopamine. Dopamine tricks us that we have already done something eventhough what we only accomplish is gaining 5 or 6 likes on Facebook.

The website urges internet users to do nothing for two minutes – literally. You cannot touch your mouse of even press a single key on the keyboard. You just look at the great picture of a beach sunset and listen to the sound of the waves. 
It’s relaxing. But you might be tempted to do something. And FAIL. The timer turns into the worst message you can get – you failed! 
Don’t worry, you can try again. It even took me 3 trials to make it to two minutes without doing anything. And I got this:
Yehey! Congratulations self for doing nothing for 2 minutes.

The website can also be used in iPhones or iPads. It is available in the App Store for free.
Now it’s your turn. Head over to and tell us how many trials it takes you to do nothing for 2 minutes.