Back in college, I’ve always wanted to own a portable speaker. It would be awesome if it has Bluetooth and can read music on microSD cards.

Seven years later, I’m reviewing the Royqueen DB Bluetooth Speaker but I have mixed feelings. It’s portable and produces decent bass and vocals but on the other hand, there’s this pitchy sound in the highs especially for rock tracks.

Design and Build Quality

The Royqueen DB Bluetooth Speaker comes in a no-frills design. It has the speaker grilles wrapped all around its pretty hefty body with soft touch buttons on top.

It’s small enough to be put inside a backpack with a lot of room to spare for the essentials. It can even be hand carried to a beach get together with friends at virtually no effort.

I had a face palm moment with it though. It moved due to the vibration when I tried to max it out. Turns out, I haven’t removed the protective plastic in its two rubber feet yet. Yeah

Sound Quality

As a result of a relatively large driver, the Royqueen DB Bluetooth Speaker delivers bass that sound real unlike those from smaller portable speakers.

It can get pretty loud too. If you’re just looking for a portable speaker that can entertain your small group of friends, this one is enough.

However, the speaker produces pitchy sound in the high frequency parts of the tracks. It becomes noticeable in very high volume so better keep it at 70-80%. The sound quality also degrades when the battery level is low but that’s a common problem with portable speakers.

Input Options

Royqueen DB Bluetooth Speaker input modes

The Royqueen DB Bluetooth Speaker has three input modes – a 3.5mm audio jack, wireless through Bluetooth and a microSD card slot. Switching among these modes triggers the female voice that says, “the Bluetooth device is ready to pair” in a clearly Chinese accent. It sounds cheap but there’s no way to disable it.

Thankfully, all modes work well. The Bluetooth mode also supports hands free call function with an end call button.

Battery Life

Royqueen says the speaker can last up to 8 hours of continuous usage on a single charge. My experience puts the battery life at almost 10 hours though. I only put it at around 60% volume to get the best sound quality though.

Charging it requires around 5 hours using a 5V/1A charger. There’s only a microUSB cable included in the box, you’ll have to provide the adaptor.

Royqueen DB Review Summary

This is the Royqueen DB Bluetooth Speaker!
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4 out of 5 stars

It produces decent and real-sounding bass but with pitchy highs in some tracks.