5G is the successor to 4G LTE and the 5th generation of cellular networks used by cellphones. It provides faster download and upload speeds, lower latency, and wider coverage.

There are already some parts of the Philippines with 5G signal. Hence, smartphone manufacturers have also released 5G-ready smartphones that can connect to these networks. Here are the 5G smartphones in the Philippines with prices and specs (full specs linked in each entry).

Smartphones Price
HONOR200 Pro HONOR 200 Pro ₱29,999
HONOR200 HONOR 200 ₱24,999
OPPOReno12 Pro 5G OPPO Reno12 Pro 5G ₱34,999
OPPOReno12 5G OPPO Reno12 5G ₱24,999
SAMSUNGGalaxy Z Flip6 SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip6 ₱70,990 - ₱78,990
SAMSUNGGalaxy Z Fold6 SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold6 ₱105,990 - ₱130,990
CMFPhone 1 CMF Phone 1 ₱15,490 - ₱17,490
realmeGT 6 realme GT 6 ₱29,999
*with price drop
InfinixGT 20 Pro 5G Infinix GT 20 Pro 5G ₱15,999
vivoV30e 5G vivo V30e 5G ₱17,999
POCOF6 POCO F6 ₱17,599 - ₱21,199
*with price drop
InfinixNOTE 40 5G Infinix NOTE 40 5G ₱9,999
*with price drop
TECNOCAMON 30 Pro 5G TECNO CAMON 30 Pro 5G ₱19,999
TECNOCAMON 30 5G TECNO CAMON 30 5G ₱11,999 - ₱13,999
TECNOCAMON 30 Premier 5G TECNO CAMON 30 Premier 5G ₱23,999
HONORMagic6 Pro HONOR Magic6 Pro ₱59,999
realme12 5G realme 12 5G ₱14,999
InfinixNOTE 40 Pro+ 5G Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G ₱13,999
OnePlus12R OnePlus 12R ₱43,990
REDMAGIC9 Pro REDMAGIC 9 Pro ₱46,999 - ₱56,999

*There are 222 more smartphones found.

This is an automatically generated list from the PINOY TECHNO GUIDE database of smartphones. Contact us if there are new 5G smartphones that are not yet on the list.

Other smartphones that are not included in the list might have no official price in the Philippines which means these were not officially released in the country. These can be purchased in "gray" markets but be aware that there might be no warranty for those items.