vivo Philippines is gearing up to launch the new vivo V27 Series of smartphones in the country soon.

One of its outstanding features is the Aura Light Portrait system. It’s essentially a built-in mini ring light that replaces the traditional LED flash. Just like regular ring lights, it’s said to revolutionize smartphone portrait photography especially at night.


The “aura light”, as vivo calls it, has a soft light effect that results in enhanced facial features and glowing skin tone.

This one-of-a-kind camera feature will make it feel like the vivo V27 Series is a photography studio in user’s pocket. The company is launching it with the hashtag #TheAuraPortraitMaster.

vivo has been consistent in offering new photography innovations in its new smartphones. I remember the Night Portrait prowess of the vivo V25 Series and the ZEISS co-engineered vivo X80 Series.


Ring light on a smartphone?

Ring light on a smartphone?

For the upcoming vivo V27 Series, vivo partnered with SONY to create its customized ultra-sensing sensors that ensure higher-quality images even in low light scenes.

The customized image sensor produces brighter images and also has Optical Image Stabilization or OIS capabilities. These result in more stable photographs and better in-action shots.

It’s expected to feature OIS+EIS Hybrid Imaging Stabilization to prevent shaky videos. It’s also said to come with a high resolution 50 Megapixel selfie camera with autofocus – a rare feature in smartphone front cameras.


Aside from the improved camera sensor and Aura Light Portrait system, the vivo V27 Series will still follow signature vivo features.

These include the color-changing photochromic design, slim profile, and elegant casing, and minimalist camera layout. It will be lightweight and handy with an ergonomic grip, perfect for on-the-go users who relish making the most of spontaneous moments.

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