OPPO shared six helpful tips in cleaning and sanitizing smartphones amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

These tips do not just kill viruses and prevent them from living on smartphones. OPPO also ensures that the devices won’t suffer damages from harmful cleaning chemicals and practices.


1. Wash your hands


Wash your hands

Before sanitizing your smartphone, make sure that you are not just transfering viruses from other surfaces you’ve touched to your phone. Wash your hands using soap and water for at least 20 seconds.


2. Soft or microfiber cloth


Microfiber cloth

Smartphones are usually made of glass or glossy plastic materials and hard clothes might damage these smooth surfaces. Use a soft fabric or better yet, a microfiber cloth to wipe the phone’s surfaces.


3. 70% Isopropyl Alcohol


Isopropyl alcohol

Unlike in washing hands, alcohols are preffered in cleaning smartphones instead of soap. Use cotton swabs to wipe 70% isopropyl alcohol across the phone’s surfaces and ports. This will disinfect the device by killing viruses and bacterias.


4. Liquid hand soaps with alcohol content


Hand soap

Hand soaps with alcohol content are also good cleaning agents for smartphones in case there’s no isopropyl alcohol readily available. Use a few drops only and wipe it across the surfaces using a soft, damp cloth. Make sure to dry the phone using a clean microfiber cloth.


5. NO harsh home cleaning products


No harsh chemicals

DO NOT use harsh home cleaning products to sanitize your smartphone. While bleach and hydrogen peroxide might instantly kill viruses, these will also damage the screen or back cover of your smartphone. Worse, it might get inside the charging port or audio jack and damage internal components.


6. UV light sanitation


UV Light

UV light is a very effective tool in sanitizing smartphones and other electronic gadgets. Service centers of popular brands usually have a UV sanitizing box but you can purchase one if you’re feeling fancy.


Thanks to OPPO Philippines for sharing these tips.