OPPO demonstrated an under display camera technology during the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Shanghai.

The company used a prototype smartphone to showcase the feature. It’s still in an early stage of development but promises a truly full-screen experience with no notch, punch hole nor pop-up mechanism for the selfie camera.


How does the OPPO Under Display Camera work?

OPPO Under Display Camera

A truly full-screen experience.

OPPO had to solve several technical problems in creating this technology.

First, the display should look normal but allow light to pass through. Then, the camera itself has to capture more of the available light which means a large aperture, image sensor, and individual pixel size.

Lastly, OPPO’s software needs to use all tricks to enhance the image and remove the unwanted haze as a result of being covered by the screen. These include automatic white balance, high dynamic range, and artificial intelligence.


Sample Pictures!

OPPO Under Display Camera Sample Picture

Sample pictures

OPPO provided these sample pictures comparing the early result of the under display camera with the one from its latest iteration.

The photo on the right definitely looks better than the hazy photo on the left. Hopefully, this can still be improved before the technology makes it into OPPO smartphones.