Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu announced yesterday, June 7, 2018, that the company targets to roll out 5G Globe at Home wireless broadband services in the Philippines by mid-2019.

This setup is similar to the current Globe at Home Prepaid Wi-Fi devices. It’s a fixed wireless connection but with speeds comparable to a fiber connection ranging from 50Mbps to a whooping 100Mbps!


How to Achieve 5G by 2019?

Fiber optic cables would have been able to offer these speeds for fixed wired connections but the massive red tape Globe has to go through in securing permits from the government made the process difficult.

Hence, the telco is looking closely at new wireless technologies particularly the one called multiple-input multiple-output or MIMO. In the simplest terms, this is the use of multiple antennas in both the transmitter and receiver to allow multiple data streams at the same time thereby increasing the overall speed.

Most flagship smartphones already have this feature while Globe is partnering with Huawei to develop its Massive MIMO infrastructure.


Globe Increases Capital Spending

Of course, installing new infrastructure means Globe has to shell out a lot of capital. The company already spent anywhere between ₱20 to 40 yearly since 2012 for its modernization program.

This year, Globe plans to spend as much as ₱43.5 billion in order to provide better broadband services.

Source: Globe Newsroom