During Microsoft’s Build 2017 conference for developers, an upcoming plugin for PowerPoint was showed off. It’s called the Microsoft Presentation Translator.

The plugin can automatically generate a translated subtitle to what the presentor is saying in real time. It can also translate the texts found on the Powerpoint slides. A total of 9 spoken languages and 60 written ones are supported.


A lot of benefits…

The real time translation that the plugin generates can help presentors and audiences tear down the language barrier and understand each other better. It’s even more helpful for the deaf since it’s basically an automatic closed captioning.

There’s also a mobile app that the audience can use to provide feedback to the presentor. If these are in another language, the Microsoft Presentation Translator can translate them too!


Microsoft Presentation Translator is Powered by AI

The Microsoft Presentation Translator is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This has been a recurring theme during the conference.

Aside from the real time translator, Powerpoint is also getting two additional technologies called Designer and Quickstarter. It can automatically generate a good looking presentation based on your content.


Available Soon

The Microsoft Presentation Translator will soon be available for the general public. You can sign-up for early access here.