Amazon has unveiled its latest smart home device – the Echo Show. It’s a smart speaker with a screen.

Instead of just talking with the user and answering questions, the Echo Show can now show pictures and videos. One of its main features is making a video call entirely by voice command with other Echo Show or Alexa app users.


Not a Tablet nor Smartphone

The Amazon Echo Show weighs slightly more than a kilogram. That means it’s not a smartphone nor tablet replacement. It’s meant to be placed in the living room or kitchen and serve as a hub for smart home devices.

The Amazon Echo Show comes in either white or black.

The Amazon Echo Show comes in either white or black.


The Power of Alexa

Using near natural voice commands, the Echo Show can play music using different apps, send messages, make reminders, search for information, narrate schedules and more. It can also control connected devices such as sprinklers, lights, thermostats and others.

The Amazon Echo Show is powered by an Intel Atom processor and has dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It has 2-inch stereo speakers, a 5 Megapixel camera and a total of eight microphones. This helps in voice recognition even while playing music!



Amazon Echo Show Price and Availability

The Amazon Echo Show has an official price of $299. That’s around ₱15,000.00 based on current rates.

Pre-orders for the device is now open and availability starts on June 28, 2017. Of course, it’s only available on Amazon.