LG Mobile launched the LG G5 with an innovative feature called modular design. Modules can be plugged into the phone to add or enhance its features.

A camera module called CAM Plus adds a camera grip, zoom control and a two-step shutter button. It even doubles as an extra battery back adding 1,200mAh of battery capacity.

Take a look at the LG G5:

LG G5 Modular Design
LG G5’s modular design.

To connect the Cam Plus module, the bottom part of the LG G5 detaches with a click of a button. The stock battery comes along when it is pulled down. The battery is then transferred to the Cam Plus before plugging it into the phone.

Another module is the Hi-Fi Plus which is an audio DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) co-designed by Bang & Olufsen. It allows audiophiles to listen to hi-fidelity music.

While the modular design of the LG G5 has been mostly praised, there are some issues with it. First, LG did not specify whether other companies can produce their own modules. Neither did they promised to introduce additional modules.

Another issue is the dead spot when swapping modules. Since the phone’s battery is detached every time, the phone turns off automatically before the CAM Plus or Hi-Fi Plus can be connected.

Despite these issues, what module do you want to use with the LG G5?