I’m a constant user of Smart’s Unlisurf promo. Every week, I spend ₱250 in order to enjoy another week of ‘unlimited internet connection’.

Imagine my surprise when I received a message from Smart that they will stop offering Unlisurf starting on October 31, 2015! How will I post new articles now? Do I have to use their expensive volume data plans?

Their answer? SurfMax!

Smart Surf Max

Surf Max is Smart’s new promo that allows its subscribers to enjoy an internet connection all day. This is available for Smart, Talk n’ Text and SmartBro subscribers.

It allows usual web browsing, watching videos and even downloading files. Hence, I don’t understand why the company has to replace Unlisurf with SurfMax. The two are just very similar.

At the end of this month, I will try to enroll to Surf Max and observe what’s different.

Update: SurfMax has a limit of 800MB per day.

To avail of all day surfing via SurfMax, just send SURFMAX50 to 9999. There’s also SURFMAX85 for two days, SURFMAX250 for one week and SURFMAX995 for one month.

List of SurfMax Internet Packages

ProductCodeSend to…PriceValidity
SurfMax 50SURFMAX509999₱501 day
SurfMax 85SURFMAX859999₱852 days
SurfMax 100SURFMAX1009999₱1003 days
SurfMax 200SURFMAX2009999₱2005 days
SurfMax 250SURFMAX2509999₱2507 days
SurfMax 500SURFMAX5009999₱50015 days
SurfMax 995SURFMAX9959999₱99530 days