A report by Ina Fried of re/code cites two sources familiar with Nokia’s plans to once again, make phones next year. Isn’t this exciting?

Nokia is currently prohibited in using the ‘Nokia’ brand name in making and selling phones due to a deal with Microsoft. This will change next year when the rights will revert back to Nokia. Hence, Microsoft has opt for ‘Lumia’ instead of ‘Nokia’ in naming Windows phones.

Nokia N9
Nokia N9, one of Nokia’s best phones before partnering with Microsoft in using Windows Phone OS.

After Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s devices division, what’s left of the Finnish company is its Mapping, Networking and Technologies divisions.

Nokia Technologies concerns itself with the company’s more than 10,000 patents. It’s the one behind the recently launched Nokia N1 Android tablet in China.

Just like the Nokia N1, Nokia’s new phones will likely be designed by Nokia Technologies but manufactured and distributed by another company.