Smart Communications Inc. has once again extended its free internet promo until the end of this month. This is the third time that the company did this since it announced the promo.

Smart, Talk ‘n Text and Sun Cellular subscribers can still enjoy the free 30MB of mobile internet daily with unlimited access to Facebook and Wikipedia.

Video streaming is now supported too! That means you can watch YouTube videos without paying a cent.

Smart Extends Free Internet

In order to enjoy Smart’s free internet promo, you’ll have to send FREE to 9999. Here’s a step by step guide that you can follow with some tips. You have to register everyday.

You might want to hold off from watching YouTube videos though. Your 30MB of free data will only be enough for one or two videos.

Of course, illegal and bandwidth hogging activities are still prohibited such as downloading pirated movies and softwares using torrents.

In the meantime, let’s just enjoy Smart’s free internet promo and hope that there will be another extension at the end of the month.