Pink fanatics rejoice! A special edition of the Mi In-Ear Earphones in now available here in the Philippines embellished with Swarovski crystals and painted in PINK!

From the enclosure, cord, volume controls and up to the ear buds – all are in pink! Of course, it still has the high quality sound output that users loved with the original Mi In-Ear Earphones.

Inside all the pinkness of this earphones is an all-metal sound chamber with a Beryllium alloy diaphragm. This set-up gives the Mi In-Ear Earphones deep bass that appeals to our ears.

Its pink cord is made up of enameled Copper wire with Kevlar fibers for strength and tangle protection as well as a braided wire cover on the outside.

Don’t forget the gold plated 3.5mm audio plug! Three pairs of extra ear buds are also included and a ‘velvety’ carrying pouch with magnetic enclosure.

This version is more expensive than the regular Mi In-Ear Earphones though. You can buy it on Lazada for ₱1,699 while the latter costs ₱695 only.