In a reply to a question on Twitter, Microsoft revealed that all Windows Phone 8 smartphones under the Lumia series will receive an update to Windows 10.

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s unified operating system for PC’s, tablets and smartphones which is currently in its Beta stage. Meanwhile, a lot of Lumia smartphone owners are rejoicing over this revelation. Even those 3-year old Lumia smartphones with as low as 512MB of RAM might be receive the Windows 10 upgrade!

Windows 10 One Platform

It’s not clear if the Windows 10 update will also be released to Windows Phone 8 smartphones from other brands such as Cherry Mobile’s Alpha series.

There’s no clear explanation how Windows 10 will be unified across all three major platform of consumer devices. Will there be a single installation file for smartphones, PC’s and tablets? That remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the latest versions of Android struggle to reach 1-2 year old devices from international brands. Apple, on the other hand, has this problem as a minimal concern with both OS X and iOS.