SKK Mobile recently released a 5-inch dual core smartphone named the SKK Prime with a price tag of ₱2,999 only.

I had the chance to have a quick hands on time with the SKK Prime and experience its perks and quirks. Its large display is clearly its main advantage but the SKK Prime also has a surprisingly good build quality.

The 5-inch screen of the SKK Prime only has 480 x 854 pixel resolution though. This results in lesser pixel density which is very apparent upon first glance.

On the plus side, the SKK Prime has thin bezels and thin overall form factor making it handy. The subtle texture on the back cover also adds to the effect.

SKK Prime back
Notice the subtle patterns on the back cover of the SKK Prime.

However, swiping from the different homescreens and on the array of apps in the app drawer shows a sluggish performance for the SKK Prime.

SKK Prime runs on a 1.2GHz dual core processor and just 512MB of RAM. No wonder there are problems with its performance.

SKK Prime Apps
A bit sluggish ;(

I was also able to look at the camera of the SKK Prime but when I tried to tap to achieve focus, the preview zoomed in instead. This means that the 5MP main camera of the SKK Prime isn’t autofocus.

Picture quality? Well, judge for yourself:

SKK Prime sample photo
Photo taken using the 5MP camera of the SKK Prime (left) and zoomed to 100% (right).

Based on my limited hands on time with the SKK Prime, I can say that it is a well-built smartphone with likeable appearance. The large display is also nice to have for its price.

However, the performance of the SKK Prime isn’t that smooth and the display looks a bit blurry due to the low resolution. The camera is also a disappointing.

SKK Prime side view
Notice how thin the SKK Prime is…

Take note that I wasn’t able to test the gaming performance of the SKK Prime as well as benchmark scores and battery life.

The complete specs of the SKK Prime can be found here.

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