New Smartphone Brand!

The Philippines has attracted another smartphone brand to join the already very crowded tech scene in the country – the Blackview from Hongkong.

Blackview Philippines introduced eight new smartphones during its launching event. Three of which have an octa core processor coupled with price tags similar to those from the local brands.

Blackview Philippines

The most interesting among the Blackview smartphones is probably the Blackview Arrow. Yeah, I’ve been watching Arrow so that might be why it got my attention.

Anyway, the Blackview Arrow should give you a very smooth performance with its 1.7GGHz octa core processor with 2GB of RAM. It also has a scratch resistant 5-inch display with full HD resolution and OGS technology while the cameras come at 18MP and 8MP for the back and front respectively.

Its battery is a bit of a problem though at 2,100mAh only. The Blackview Arrow does have USB OTG and 16GB of onboard storage all for ₱11,999.00.

Blackview Crown
Blackview Crown

You might also like the Blackview Crown which is cheaper at ₱9,999 but with just a 720p display and a pair of 13MP and 5MP cameras. It does have a slightly better battery at 2,200mAh and the same octa core processor and 2GB of RAM.

Blackview seems to be having a hard time figuring out smartphones at lower prices though. For example, it offers the dual core Blackview JK606 for a ridiculous ₱3,999! It does have a 5-inch display but a dual core with merely 512MB of RAM and 5MP camera for 4k? They’ve got to be kidding.

They also have a quad core smartphone called the Blackview JK450 for ₱4,999 but with a 4.5-inch display only. The Blackview V3 with a 5-inch screen, quad core processor and 8MP camera has a price tag of ₱5,999.

If you’re interested with the Blackview Arrow, Crown or DM550 which is also an octa core smartphone, check out the company’s Facebook page. They’ll be selling these online for now.