You’re probably received text messages from a stranger asking you to share cellphone load in a deceitful manner. I have friends who’ve been victims of this modus operandi.

In order to prevent these scams, Globe and Smart changed a few details with the procedures in sharing cellphone load. You are now required to confirm the transaction before the load is transferred to the recipient.

Here’s a sample of this scam:

Pasaload scam
One version of the Pasaload or Share-A-Load scam.

Smart subscribers can still use Pasaload to transfer cellphone load to another Smart subscriber by sending the recipient’s cellphone number plus the amount to 808. Instead of transferring the load immediately, you will now receive a text message from 808 asking you to confirm the Pasaload transaction.

You need to reply YES within 15 minutes for the transaction to be completed and the amount to be transferred to the recipient.

For Globe subscribers, the procedure is also the same as before. Send the amount you want to share to the number 2 followed by the 10-digit cellphone number of the recipient. Once again, a confirmation text message will be sent to you and you have to reply with YES but within 5 minutes only.

Globe even went further by removing the ₱500 denomination in its Share-A-Load program. You can now send at most ₱300 cellphone load only.

Do you think these are enough to combat those scammers? Share your thoughts below.