I was able to get my hands on the SKK X4 in one of the company’s concept stores. It’s a 5-inch quad core smartphone equipped with a 13MP camera that can rotate to the front and back.

The SKK X4 is essentially similar to the Oppo N1 but there are a lot of differences. Of course, I examined the rotating camera, observed if it is durable and took a few photos.

I wasn’t able to conduct benchmarks on the SKK X4 but based on the transitions while navigating from its homescreen and app drawer, I can attest that it performs smoothly. This must be due to its quad core processor and 1GB of RAM.

There were no games pre-installed on the device so I can’t tell if it’s good for gaming or not. Nevertheless, the fact that I did not experience any lags is a very good sign.

The SKK X4 runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with very little customization from SKK. It’s almost a stock Android experience! I’m not sure if it was preloaded but the unit already has Go Launcher installed.

The 4GB internal storage of the SKK X4 is split into two. There’s 2.05GB allotted for your apps and around 1.75GB for your photos, music and other files.

Unfortunately, I can only half-heartedly recommend the SKK X4. The rotating camera is a very interesting feature and those who like high quality selfies should consider this smartphone.

The camera takes good quality photos when the lighting conditions are favorable. However, it suffers from haze when there’s too much light.

Performance is a thumbs up for me. Transitions are very snappy and I didn’t encounter any lag. I can’t conclude yet if it’s a good gaming smartphone though.

Lastly, I want to congratulate SKK Mobile for launching this smartphone. Offering innovative features at an affordable price is perhaps what SKK does best.