Xiaomi’s second gadget offering for Filipinos after the Mi 3 is something that tries to solve one of the biggest woes we have on smartphones – short battery life!

Xiaomi Philippines proudly introduces its Mi Powerbanks with 5200mAh capacity for only ₱445 and a larger version with 10400mAh capacity for ₱645. In contrast, a Samsung powerbank with 8800mAh capacity is listed on Lazada for ₱1,499!

The Mi Powerbank boasts “a sleek aluminum casing surrounds dual battery cell technology from LG and Samsung”. Admit it, the Mi Powerbank looks cool and its price is just right for Filipinos.

Aside from its looks, the Mi Powerbank is also very compact with a width of only 2.16 inches while the larger one is only 3 inches wide.

In terms of performance, the 5200mAh version can re-charge to 100% battery capacity a drained Mi 3 once while an iPhone 5S can be re-charged twice. The 10400mAh version can re-charge an iPhone 5S four times and up to 50% on the 5th cycle!

The Mi Powerbanks also feature circuit chipset protection by Texas Instruments that not only protects against voltage surge that may damage itself or your phone but also improves the efficiency of the powerbanks.

Just like the Xiaomi Mi 3, these powerbanks are sold exclusively by Lazada Philippines. The first flash sale will start on Friday, August 29, 2014 at exactly 12 noon.