Is it really worth it?

Cherry Mobile Flare 3 immediately got a very huge following on social media after its announcement and tagged as the ‘Best Flare Ever’ and ‘Phablet ng Bayan’.

However, it’s important to consider not just the advantages of Cherry Mobile Flare 3 but also the disadvantages. You can’t get something this good without a catch. Here are the pros and cons so far.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cherry Mobile Flare 3

Cherry Mobile Flare 3 Advantages

Of course, the biggest advantage of Cherry Mobile Flare 3 is its very affordable price of ₱3,999 for a set of specs that you only normally see on more expensive devices.

To start with, it has a combination of a 1.3GHz quad core processor, Mali-400 MP2 GPU, 1GB of RAM and Android 4.4 Kitkat OS. This results in a very smooth user experience in apps and even hard core games.

Cherry Mobile Flare 3 also features a large 5-inch display with IPS, OGS and scratch resistant glass! It is even available in 5 different colors.

It has 8GB of internal storage and can accommodate up to a 64GB micro SD card. These are unheard of at this price range with the local brands.

Lastly, the large number of people who will buy this device ensures that if you ever have a problem with your unit, someone will have the answer in Facebook groups or forums. There will also be custom ROMs for those who like to fiddle with the device.

Cherry Mobile Flare 3 Disadvantages

Now let’s come to the cons of Cherry Mobile Flare 3. First, it still only has a 1,980mAh battery which is too small considering its large screen and quad core processor. This has been the consistent disadvantage of the Flare models and Cherry Mobile products in general.

Cherry Mobile Flare 3 also has a not so good camera with pictures and videos looking grainy despite the 8MP rating. Again, this is the same with the first Flare.

Another disadvantage is the single band 3G. Cherry Mobile Flare 3 can only connect to 3G networks in the 2100MHz band. If you are in an area where the 3G signal is only in the 850MHz band or if the 2100MHz band signal is poor, you won’t be able to enjoy 3G connectivity.

Lastly, Cherry Mobile still hasn’t addressed the problem with their problematic after sales service. Send your device to their service centers and expect months to pass before you can retrieve your Cherry Mobile Flare 3.

What do you think?

Cherry Mobile Flare 3 is a very sulit smartphone from Cherry Mobile. It already won many praises and a very large following. However, you must also consider all the advantages and disadvantages of this device before lining up in the malls and saying goodbye to your hard earned money.

Do you think Cherry Mobile Flare 3 is worth it? Are you prepared to line up on Flare Day 3? Tell us in the comments.