Do you want free Facebook? 

Smart has something which is very, very near that – Unlimited Facebook for 2 Pesos only.

This promo allows you to access the full version of Facebook for 24 hours using the Facebook app or its mobile website. Android, iOS and feature phones are all supported by the promo.

SMART Offers Unlimited Facebook for ₱2.00 Only
fb2 Unlimited Facebook for ₱2.00 Only (Smart)

To avail of the ‘fb2 Unlimited Facebook‘ promo, you need to be enrolled first in any prepaid promo like UnliText or AllText promos. Most of us are enrolled everyday so this won’t be much of a problem.

Next, you have to register by sending FB2 to 6406 or dialing *121#. You’ll then receive a confirmation message that you can already browse Facebook for the next 24 hours.

Of course, you need to have the ₱2.00 in your load balance to enroll in this promo.

You can now enjoy Facebook in all its features like updating your status, uploading photos or liking the Pinoy Techno Guide Facebook page.

However, you can’t watch videos if it is not hosted on Facebook. For example, someone might post a link to a YouTube video and you click the Play button – that will cost you ₱5.00 per 15 minutes!

Restrict Background Data on Android
Restrict Background Data on Android phones by going to Settings then Data Usage. (PTG)

Another concern is the backgroud apps on iOS and Android devices. Those apps will try to connect to the internet and might eat up your load too. You must disable them while using this promo because you need to turn on mobile data in order to access Facebook and that’s the only thing that’s going to be free.

Nevertheless, this promo from Smart is still a big help for those who can’t get enough of Facebook. Just be careful.