Thursday morning, I browsed through my Facebook newsfeed and stumbled upon a photo showing what looks like a smartwatch with a Cherry Mobile logo.

Surprised, I immediately took a screenshot of the photo and examine it. From the layout, I suspect that this was from Cherry Mobile SM North EDSA but someone else posted it on Facebook.

Cherry Mobile Smartwatch
Leaked photo of a Cherry Mobile smartwatch.

Smartwatch or Cellphone Watch?

A closer inspection of the photo reveals that the watch has a screen that can slide up to reveal a keypad with arrow keys on the right side and the usual letters and numbers on the left but not a qwerty one.

The display looks like less than 2 inches in width and height with three buttons below it: Home, Menu and Back.

If I am correct the screen displays a clock and then changes to a phone’s home screen when you slide it up.

The display suggests that this watch has the ability to send and receive text messages and make phone calls. It might also have other apps included.

The photo has been removed after a few hours and is nowhere to be seen. If true, this will be the first smartwatch from a local company in the Philippines.

However, Cherry Angel said that this one isn’t a smartwatch but just a cellphone watch. That means it might not be powered by Android and just a basic phone designed as a watch.